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What is the completion process?

How often do we feel stuck in the same emotional patterns, we try to run away from in so many different ways? We use positive focus, affirmations, tapping and so many other methods or coping strategies to escape the pain that keeps catching up with us.

What if this pain is here to give us an important message? What if this pain only wants to remind us of the existence of a part of us that is still suffering? The more we ignore it, the louder it becomes – until we start to listen.

The Completion Process, created by the international speaker and best-selling author Teal Swan, also known as „The Mirror“, is a technique that leads us back to the origin of our pain, to the root of the problems we are facing in our day-to-day life. In this process we dive deep into our subconsciousness and a lot of intense emotions might arise – emotions we were too afraid to fully feel before. We will let ourselves sink down to the bottom of these emotions until we arrive in the original memory that caused us trauma. There we‘ll encounter our inner child selves that tried for so long to connect to us and we finally will give them what they needed all along. We will get them out of the traumatic experience they were frozen in and bring them back to us into the present. Through this they merge with us again and become conscious parts of us, bringing all their talents, feelings and needs with them into our adult life – this makes us more complete again and we start to live our life from a space of authenticity and integration.

This Process brings us straight to the core of our suffering and with it comes a lot of realization and awareness about ourselves and our life. Accepting really where we are today is the necessary step we need to take before we can move forward. This process is not for anyone who is looking for a quick fix and „instant feel good“ -button, but for those who are willing to see the truth and take responsibility for their own well-being.

Instead of trying to cut down the weeds, we will pull out the root of the problem and plant new seeds of what we want in our life. Piece by piece we‘ll put ourselves back together, let go of our old pain and enjoy the supposedly lost gems of our real essence which will flow into the creation of the life we truly want to live

Are you ready to dive deep?

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