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Remember Who You ARE

​You were shining so bright. But then the fangs of indecision and the thorns of doubt took all that glamour and made it yet another episodic moment of happiness.


What’s the point of success, bliss, effortless manifestation IF YOU CAN’T MAINTAIN IT?

You know deep down that, to this day, you are still afraid to lose everything whenever you set a bigger goal. 

You’re lonely. Lonely in your thoughts, lonely in your intense emotional inner world, lonely in your art. You used to create so much more. But you stopped. Why did you stop? 

Or…better asked:


Are you ready to RESTART?


Not just the art. Are you ready to go back to being that fearless you that doesn’t know how loss, grief, pain feel like? How they leave marks and linger and fester. Are you ready to create a brand new way of exalting your gifts, so that your happiness is never in cycles again, like the moon?

And let’s work with that shame too. All that you’ve been through - it was never your fault to begin with!


Here you are again, in hiding...


A unique set of coaching, channeling, CP, parts work, art, confession, rebirth, manifestation, togetherness.


You get to be guided in this one.  Share the process with someone.


This is not healing, you’re not broken.


This is a remembrance of who you were all along. And I can’t wait to find that childlike exuberance on your face, to ignite that spark with each session, with each practice!

Image by Dennis Ottink

The Program Contains

  • 4 x 1-1 session with me 

  • 2 BONUS group calls  

  • Guest expert Sorina Iliana - Energy work 

  • Togetherness 

  • Accountability 

  • Manifestation through art

  • Inner child work 

  • Unconditional presence 

  • Madness, laughter, liberation, poetry

  • Agony and ecstasy

    • ​all for 1200,00 €


Stop lying to yourself that you want a simple life, we both know that’s not true.
Are you ready to feel FULLY alive again?

Why me?

_DSC2114 (2).jpg


My name is Stefanie and I am a dancer, a writer, a traveler,  a dreamer, and most relevant for you - I am a person who experienced complex trauma.


The abuse went so deep that when I got to the other side, I was a healer. Making sure that no one’s wings are going to be clipped like mine so no one has to ever put the feathers back together, one by one, ever again. I know how it feels to lose your spark, to see your art, that glimpse in your eye, your fire being dulled down, a little bit, every single day. Like chinese drops.


That’s why today I’m going to take you by the hand and we are going to reverse that process. And it’s going to be so pure, so magical, so exciting that you will remember this day, 10 years from now when you were reading about Stefanie Woitun on the internet and suddenly decided to get her program. 

Have the audacity to do this one for yourself and just say yes. 

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Shadow on Concrete Wall


"Experiencing Stefanie's guidance has changed my life. After a lifetime experience of feeling chronically unsafe, Stefanie helped me feel so safe, nourished, seen, understood and held. I was also able to create a new core belief that I can have an amazing romantic relationship and my career in the same time!

This got me into a such magnetic energy that perfectly matched coaching clients just reached out while I was actually enjoying my life.

If you want to really have it all, Stefanie is the person you want to work with. She will figure out exactly what you need in 3 sessions and help you get all of it in the next 3. If you feel called to work with her. 

Trust me - just do it."

       Sorina Iliana Iordache - Simra Healer

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