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I am a Coach for transformative personality development based in Berlin. As a claircognizant and clairsentient I can feel deeply into your inner world and understand what you need in order to experience lasting change. In my work I use the Completion Process and other inner work modalities.


In my intuitive work I value the combination of working with the physical body, the emotions and the mind. If any of these areas are neglected, real health and alignment are not possible. I am passionate about combining knowledge from all these areas to a holistic way of living.

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How often do we feel stuck in the same emotional patterns, we try to run away from in so many different ways? We use positive focus, affirmations, tapping and so many other methods or coping strategies to escape the pain that keeps catching up with us.

What if this pain is here to give us an important message? What if this pain only wants to remind us of the existence of a part of us that is still suffering? The more we ignore it, the louder it becomes – until we start to listen.


The Completion Process, created by the international speaker and best-selling author Teal Swan, also known as „The Mirror“, is a technique that leads us back to the origin of our pain, to the root of the problems we are facing in our day-to-day life.


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„I found Stefanie to be highly emotionally attuned. I had Completion Process -Sessions with many facilitators and seldom have I felt so connected. It never occurred to me during the session that I was alone by myself. I always felt that her gentle voice and loving presence was following me all the time. I sensed that as you deep dive with her, her energy surrounds you like a safe container. Even if you are a stranger it takes no time to feel understood and heard by her. She has this immense capacity to feel into you and hear your missing experience. She is an excellent listener and appreciator of people's strength. It is an essential quality to have in such a process as most of the time good validation can do wonders more than anything else on this earth; and she has this quality which flows naturally through her. I highly recommend Stefanie.“

Sohail B., Pakistan
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