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I am Stefanie Woitun

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I am a Coach for transformative personality development based in Berlin. As a claircognizant and clairsentient I can feel deeply into your inner world and understand what you need in order to experience lasting change. In my work I use the Completion Process and other inner work modalities.


In my intuitive work I value the combination of working with the physical body, the emotions and the mind. If any of these areas are neglected, real health and alignment are not possible. I am passionate about combining knowledge from all these areas to a holistic way of living.

Where I come from?

I came into this life with a strong desire and plan - and I was met with even stronger adverse events that threw me far off my path.

For a long time I didn't understand why my life played out the way it did. I went through years of emotional and sexual abuse, I was the scapegoat of my family, I was bathed and pickled in shame by my family, my environment and the nation I grew up in. All the shame, guilt and self hate I developed, threw me into a vicious cycle of eating disorders, dissociative disorders, depression and suicidality. I know how it feels like to be drowning in shame and feeling completely alone in the world, with no one supporting you whatsoever to go in the direction of what you desire and makes your life worth living.


I felt broken to a point where I thought I will never feel whole again. Like a broken vase - shuttered into just too many pieces to ever be put together again.



This is when I hit rock bottom. My curiosity and insatiable thirst for knowledge were the things that saved me. I wanted to understand WHY this is happening and possibly how to live a life that feels good.

I went on a quest to find the answers to my suffering and it turned out they were the answers to my happiness.

I started to follow the trail of bread crumbs that led me to dancing, naturopathy, raw foods, singing and Teal Swan‘s work. In August 2019 I got trained by her in the Completion Process.

With all these tools I began to pick up the pieces of the shattered dreams I had and started to put them back together in a new way – to a unique mosaic that tells the individual story of my life. Things started to make sense and with every new piece of this mosaic, life became easier, sweeter and more joyous. The more I reclaimed my personal power the more I wanted to share this with others.

We think we are broken, fractured or shattered and therefore irreparably lost – when the truth is that all these fractures make up our unique individual piece of art called life. I am here to re-own these fractured aspects with you and put yourself back together, reclaiming the lost treasures from the depth of the ocean of your subconciousness.

As a Coach I want to share the gift of perfect alignment and health with you. As an artist I want to assist you in becoming the creator of your own life.

It is my deep desire that you can taste a life that is to your taste, sweet and juicy like the ripest fruits, no matter through how many challenges and hardships you went through until now.

I am a strong advocate of true freedom and empowerment. I am passionate about many things and I enjoy creating a life in which I don't have to stick to one thing but where I can follow my unique flow and combine my passions all together to an unique artwork, where time, space and ressources are abundant.. I want this for all of you. I believe that you CAN have it all – and I am passionate about assisting you with all my gifts and knowledge to build this life of enchantment for you.

I made it my mission to help people end the suffering they are in and create a life full of magic, joy and bliss. I will be building bridges between the place of being completely lost and shattered to a place of living a life with free will and conscious creation – this is where the magic starts.

My vision is to create a world in which people are truly freed from their pain and past wounds, cleansed of the toxins in their bodies and released from their limiting beliefs – to step into their power with confidence, authenticity and an unparalleled inner strength.

Arriving at this point will be a process, not an event. This work requires responsibility and commitment from you and it is something only you yourself can choose to do. I can not do that for you. But I will be with you, create a safe container for you to dive deep into the waves of your emotions and pull you through when you think you are drowning.


I want you to become the artist that picks up the pieces of your fractured self and reclaims them to create a new artwork - the mosaic of your own life.

Are you ready to build your personal mosaic?
Contact me to see how I can support you!

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